Fynn Snaevald

Old Merchant/Collector


After receiving the vision after opening the Warded Box that contained the Amatatsu Seal, the party know that Fynn Snaevald is the merchant that Suishen was sold to in Kalsgard during the Amatatsu family’s flight from Minkai.

The party seeks Fynn out in Kalsgard and finds out that his house had been robbed not more than a week before and some of his servants were killed. Becasue no weregild was offered, he decides to collect in blood. He proposes that if they kill the one that robbed his home, he would let them have the sword (Suishen) that the thief took.

He identified the arm-rings of the vikings that attacked the party’s caravan on their way to Kalsgard as belonging to Asvig Longthews. After bringing up Asvig, Fynn remembers that one of his servants told him that a very large man was apparently in charge of the robbery. Asvig is one very tall person indeed…

Fynn Snaevald

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