Snorri Stone-Eye

Renowned Raider


Directly above Asvig. Died of a wasting disease over the course of a few years. Sold Ravenscraeg to the Rimerunner’s Guild.

The party went aboard the funeral ship to look for Ulf. They overheard one of Asvig’s former men saying that Ulf would be joining Snorri soon enough. Ulf may be on board the funeral ship that Snorri’s remains are being burned on.

They boarded the ship with help in the form of Kayak lessons from Uksahkka and find out that Snorri is not on the top deck in the middle of the pyre. He is below decks chained to the mast of the ship and is a Draugr. As the ship was burning up, Snorri broke free as the players got off of the ship and he jumped off into the water and hasn’t been seen since.

Status: Unknown

Snorri Stone-Eye

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