Varki Tracker


Asked the party to find out what happened to Ulf Gormundr. She last knew that Ulf went to see Asvig Longthews just outside the city for a job involving the Grungir Forest. The job that was supposed to last a couple days at most has ended up taking over a week with still no word.

She taught the party how to use Kayaks to board Snorri Stone-eye’s funeral longboat.

When finished with the longboat, the party tried to find her by taking the token she had given them to the Shrine of Shelyn. After the commotion, they went to find Uksahkka and discovered that her hideaway had been broken into and she had apparently been knocked out and kidnapped.

During the B&E of the Rimerunner’s Guild, they ran across Uksahkka in one of the guest rooms looking like she had been roughed up a little. She had overheard a guard saying that she was to be shipped out to Ravenscraeg like Ulf Gormundr.


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